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Explorations (2018)

Echo : A subscription app

Having seen Shopify merchants struggle to set up subscription products, I created a concept for a Shopify subscription app. I did this while learning Figma’s design system in early 2018.

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Autonomous vehicle UI

While brushing up on my prototyping skills, I explored the idea of a voice-controlled interface for an autonomous car using Mapbox, Figma and Principle.

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Backcountry snowboarding app

As a backcountry enthusiast, I wanted to meet new backcountry pals and organize safer trips. I explored a user flow for a website or app to organize trips that matched people to a group of their skills, or to find sessions to skill-up with a guide.

Litelink Labs branding and concept

I produced a series of branding exercises on a contract with blockchain start-up Litelink Labs.

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Pulse IoT

Branding and concept work for an IoT product. I took a small team through a design sprint, captured requirements, created personas, user flows and some branding.

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Anime.js 'process' animation

I worked with a JS developer to learn about anime.js. We created a ‘process’ animation that broadly explains my user-centered design approach.

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Lost it Found it.

I lost my keys in a park and thought “why the heck isn’t there a Lost & Found app?”. With all the jargon-heavy tech out there, why can’t there be a simple lost and found board!?