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Dave Peacock

I’m a product designer with master-level production skills. I base my work around user experience principles and testing.

Coast Digital Studio

I founded Coast Digital Studio in 2016 as my freelance design practice. I design interfaces through a user-centered process using Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Framer, Principle, and Zeplin.

Ora Organic

Increasing customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and recurring revenue. I optimized Ora’s web presence by focusing on customer research and feedback.

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Medeo Healthcare

Improving virtual healthcare for patients. I identified patient needs, created and tested prototypes, and built a small design team. Medeo was acquired twice during my tenor. 

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Explorations (2018)

I like to explore ideas through the lens of a design system. I explore my own ideas while brushing up on production tools and facilitate design sessions with teams to better define their products.

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Web platforms

I design beautiful web platforms and build WordPress admin panels that are easy for people to use.

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Climate, energy and sustainability

Interface and graphic design work at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC.  I designed and illustrated for projects dealing with climate, energy, and sustainability.

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I’m on the hunt for full-time opportunities, working remotely or locally in Victoria, BC.

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