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Medeo : Case study

Putting patients first

Creating a series of design solutions began by engaging with patients.  I learned about the desires of our user group by visiting clinics, researching the demographics of patients in British Columbia and through sessions at the Emily Carr Health Design Lab.   The personas I developed helped to identify key user types.

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Skype with a Doctor?!

Patients want the convenience of virtual healthcare.  They want to trust familiar and reliable technologies like Skype to relieve the burden of traveling to the doctor and to avoid long (and often painful) wait times. My early explorations and prototypes focused on providing familiar patterns and accessible video conferencing.

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User testing sessions

Testing prototypes with users, I developed relationships with patients. They helped my team to identify a series of solutions for a better virtual care experience.

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Assets & Branding

As Medeo was acquired, I provided a summary of my work and tools in a presentation to the new team.  I also created an interactive style guide to hand off assets to the team.

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